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caitlinshoots May 30 sent via reviews
Windows XP wallpaper glow up 💁🏼‍♀️

DKDaniyalKahout Jun 21 sent via reviews
This reminded me of an old wallpaper that Windows XP had.

Samessii 30 Jan 2018 sent via reviews
i swear this looks like the classic windows XP wallpaper // siran valley, KPK, pakistan

b3_human_ 8 Apr 2018 sent via reviews
Season 8 finale takes place in the Windows XP wallpaper RT for good luck

bradflick55 24 Mar 2018 sent via reviews
Enjoying our drive back to LA through the scenic default Windows XP wallpaper.

ellisadaydreams Apr 17
ya I collabed with the Microsoft Windows XP default wallpaper what about it

CoryTalksTech 7 Jan 2018
Windows XP wallpaper was taken in California by Charles O’Rear

VocaloidHell Jun 17
As a self proclaimed expert on the Windows XP wallpapers, no.

FaresAya Mar 13
Pretty sure I'm somewhere near the Windows XP default wallpaper

Anonamos_701 May 1
Dead tired working on these today, trying to figure out how to make them transition into one another like the Windows xp wallpaper backgrounds lol

SamiMoments Feb 25
Windows XP wallpaper 'Bliss' - Then vs now

archarin 27 Feb 2018
most of you may remember bliss, the default windows xp wallpaper here it is as of july 2017

TBWinger92 2 Nov 2018

BronzeHammer Apr 7
Jon Taffer: You're gonna get somebody sick! Your employees are stealing from you! You are drunk and it's the middle of the day! Why don't you clean?! Me: Hey why the FUCK is your wallpaper a bootleg Hamburglar? That is a trademarked character! And register your copy of XP! Fuck!

GraniteTheHorse Jun 24
Windows XP wallpaper vibes. 👌

earth__photos Jun 22
Palouse, WA - looks straight from your Windows XP wallpaper

feross 8 Apr 2018
California after the rain be looking like the Windows XP desktop wallpaper

Josephswingle_3 7 May 2018
Picture from my house or windows xp wallpaper?

jen_steez 17 Apr 2018
I saw the microsoft windows xp wallpaper yesterday

AngelTigercloud 9 hours ago
Ah this one is cool! Somewhat reminds me of my last post xP But I know this one, I also got a cool wallpaper with my Angel for my Desktop by them <3

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