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BloodyVictorian Jun 23 sent via reviews
My lovely new phone wallpaper 😍😍

maryanndoody1 Jun 20 sent via reviews
Love wallpaper? Try this modern Victorian style in your .

Author_Betty Jun 25 sent via reviews
celticpyro: lesbianfemmefatale: If you aren’t pro ugly Victorian wallpaper then what are you even doing Crawling along the floor after having shredded every last stitch of it off the walls so I can let out the lady trapped inside it. I laughed so...

a_fugoso Jun 25 sent via reviews
πŸ“· Rustic,lace,floral,victorian,gothic,wallpaper,bell Round Pillow

ExileTheology Jun 19 sent via reviews
I hope weird victorian wallpaper makes a comeback soon

starseatweets Jun 21
Today in art we have being looking at William Morris. He is a Victorian artist whose wall paper is hanging in Beamish. We have carefully drawn a snap shot of his artwork. We are excited to see the wallpaper in real life when we go to Beamish.

moncur_d Jun 23
Could this wallpaper kill you? Victorian Britain's lethal obsession with the perfect shade of green

silberblitzchen Jun 20
movie: *victorian setting, vibrant wallpapers* me: "ah the age of arsenic wallpaper deaths"

iamfierless 7 hours ago
Madness, thy name is stenciling a Victorian wallpaper pattern on a gauze drop.

SalvagedIns Jun 17
When you see this China Cabinet, what usually comes into your mind? It reminds me of a rich victorian demask vintage wallpaper. Something you’d see on the walls of an 1800’s castle! πŸ˜„ 😍

OfficialMarkLaw Jun 21
Decorating is the best way to relax πŸ’œ Victorian Damask wallpaper from

StickPuppet Jun 19
Offer them a roll of Victorian era wallpaper?

boundingrey Jun 25
I kept that victorian wallpaper for arts and crafts lol

jodaviesdesign Jun 25
A mysterious illness swept through stylish Victorian homes. The cause? Arsenic laden wallpaper. Modern day advice on how to move towards a less toxic home. via

MS_Stumbling Jun 17
Spent most of the day researching Victorian wallpaper and am now totally obsessed with

alicentweetland Jun 23
Victorian wallpaper to die for, or at least wallpaper that could kill you. Th stylish green wallpaper featuring Scheele Green paint favored by the Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic movements contained arsenic.

Chronogram Jun 18
Interior designer Marla Walker fully modernizes her historic 1870's Victorian Rhinebeck home while reserving the historic classic beauty.

ExileTheology Jun 19

JayHulmePoet Jun 21
Taken off two layers of wallpaper and have discovered... Victorian wallpaper? Am now on high alert for anything vaguely green and arsenic-looking.

FlakfireGaming Jun 17
Steve that suit looks like it's made of Victorian wallpaper

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