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LenaOwnsMe 23 hours ago sent via reviews
my current work laptop wallpaper is doing it's job in making me want to work.

daddyyoongles Jun 21 sent via reviews
Hi guys, my friends won’t hype up this wallpaper I made so please tell me I did a good job :(( If no one comments I’m gknna cry

CryptoBatesGrou 5 hours ago sent via reviews
Job interviews have taken place, bar is nearly complete, play area has been sold and removed, electrican and plumber are lined up, premises license has been lodged, stock room has been refurbished, wallpaper and flooring have been matched and Pizza prep area has been redesigned

Oohla_M Jun 17 sent via reviews
Starting over is such a painful job. Changing wallpapers, deleting pictures ...

WlassM 6 hours ago sent via reviews

Jon_LaMontagne Jun 25
Anyone know how to wallpaper and would be available to do a small job at our campus? Let me know if you can and I will share more with you.

JGDecorator Jun 24
Thoughts on the Zinseer wallpaper cover up. How is the smell? Pricing up a job in York where it’s been specified by the designer. It’s in an apartment complex so don’t want complaints for neighbours about the smell

mathew_freeman_ 7 hours ago
Maslow's Mortimer House shakes things up in London - Wallpaper* Love this place, beautiful job

Judeet88 Jun 18
It's taken me 3 HOURS to measure, cut and glue up ONE ROLL of wallpaper around the walls on the bend at the bottom of the stairs, with only one cobbled piece I had to patch in a bit as somehow my measurement was off. Good job I have 4 more days off. Tomorrow SHOULD be easier....

Pichol 9 hours ago
Hello, new wallpaper!! This pic is incredible, !! has done such an amazing job!!! *whispers* He’s a keeper! 😉

LordKuzon 14 minutes ago
This is amazing, great job! Using as phone wallpaper! So excited for the expansion!

hollypettingerr Jun 25
Need to get one job finished at a time lol! I’ve cleaned out Harry’s wardrobe and steamed off the living room wallpaper now for Harry’s you clear out 😂 need 2 weeks alone in this house to get it sorted

Major__Playa 7 hours ago
Yup this is my new wallpaper now. Incredible job on this.

Kiev_Viviere Jun 20
right now i'll lose my job due to mental illness. i felt very depressed and i left my phone away. so my manager just gave up on calling. so now i am crying like this wallpaper.

Soerakraven Jun 21
First thing I do on new job? Put furry trash wallpaper in both monitors, yes? Yes. I'll take pics on monday.

dragonBoy238 8 hours ago
Testing out the 1st SonaSkin on an iPhone6S+. Not my best wrap job, but I don't have my tools I use to wrap stuff with. But other than that it looks pretty slick! Especially how the front design makes the wallpaper transcend the screen. Back art by Slurku.

kpop_recyclebin Jun 18
If anyone wants to use my wallpaper that I did of yuta. Plz do bc I think I did a shitty job. :)

ChristiNikki83 Jun 22
Just when you thought stripping wallpaper was going to be a simple job! Nope! Seems as though it’s been holding the plaster on! 🤦🏻‍♀️

HizorG Jun 25
Wanted to share some old concept art that never quite made it. Back in January when we were celebrating the New Year we gave our Patrons a wallpaper featuring our beloved mascot Denki Airi. This was a concept for that wallpaper that didn't make it. Did a great job!

newyorkshitty 2 hours ago
Thanks. A lot of these collages are getting spun off into fabric/wallpaper patterns. Blow job wallpaper. Albeit with the "job" part removed. Porn gets interesting when the porny bits are removed.

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