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Auntynaira May 21 sent via reviews
Some girls starter pack for marriage : He has a washing machine, fridge, I pass my neighbor, 🍎 watch, laptop, big flat screen 📺, cute wallpapers, microwave, Gas cooker and iPhone gbam! They will gum body die! not knowing nigga is managing his life and not ready yet.

xookieg Jun 25 sent via reviews
can someone drop some cute OT7 iPhone wallpapers pretty please

findingjonai Jun 24 sent via reviews
Really want a cute jobros iPhone wallpaper

yooniebabie Apr 15 sent via reviews
reply with cute iphone wallpapers mine is boring 🥺

yukoandhiro Feb 18 sent via reviews
Does anyone have cute murdoc phone wallpapers? Preferably one that would fit a phone the size of an iPhone x bc I think my phone is the same size as that jdbsjsnsn

does anyone make wallpapers for the iphone x because none of these cute wallpapers fit :(

MrBananaSocks Jun 12
Does anyone have some cute ? Because I’m jonesing!

7ringshawn Jan 13
does anyone have cute shawn wallpapers for my iphone? share them pls

baekhoetv Feb 21
so everyone was curious what baekhyun put as his background on his phone then his bubbly ass showed everyone the usual iphone wallpaper he is so cute :(

beautysselfcare Jan 20
~cute iphone wallpapers~

reignbeatrix Jun 8
Who have cute iphone wallpapers? pa share naman hahaha tweet nyo sakin hehe ♥️

quincie_s May 26
I was messing around with this new app and I made a super cute iphone wallpaper :)

itspaigeypooh Jan 16
I searched “cute iPhone X wallpaper” on Pinterest and this is what it gives me. Absolute G O L D.

hansnom Apr 30
T.O.P Wallpaper Iphone Black Cute 17 HQ

acatoochie Jan 24
I made these cute wallpapers for iPhone XS and X if anyone wants them!! They’re for the lock screen and home screen respectively.

tweetslykeaya 25 Dec 2018
Someone send me cute wallpaper for my iPhone??

sandyblanchett Mar 11
does anyone have any cute captain marvel iphone wallpapers (or links to some)? just wanna bless my phone.

pigeonchim Feb 2
i feel like im not completely broken but like im atleast a cracked iphone that's barely working ... like maybe the home button is missing BUT it still works and has a cute wallpaper !! maybe a phone charm (not that u can even attach one to an iphone but still)

rootbeer_01 14 hours ago

RobertL05501135 Jun 24

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