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_houseandgarden 7 hours ago sent via reviews
All the best wallpapers to buy now.

wallpapermag Jun 17 sent via reviews

CrainsChicago 9 hours ago sent via reviews
The buyers of the house—built in the 1950s in Lake Forest and decorated in the 1970s with psychedelic wallpaper and shag carpeting—plan to tear it down after determining it can’t be salvaged

wallpapermag Jun 24 sent via reviews

igaarret 13 hours ago sent via reviews
i cant find a 1975 themed wallpaper that i like so i made one in photoshop haha

design_a_house 8 hours ago

design_a_house 8 hours ago

myplaystation Jun 23
The House of the Dead: Overkill Wallpaper

TiffanyFLRE 7 hours ago
How do you feel about wallpaper gaining popularity lately? These 30 examples might inspire you to add some to your home! For more Real Estate Go to

design_a_house 8 hours ago

djWallpapers Jun 23
New show "Wax Motif - House of Wax - 12-Apr-2019" up now at Check it out now!

BetulKizmaz Jun 24
I need 2 wallpapers to renovate a house. Can a User sell it at the market so I can buy it? I cant renovate the bakery before this hasnt been done.

design_a_house 8 hours ago

design_a_house 8 hours ago

arthomedecor 12 hours ago

design_a_house 8 hours ago

Callmehailee 10 hours ago
I just miss and I ended up making these sigils of the great houses of westeros 💕 you can use these photos as wallpaper and lockscreen if you want guys 😊

KatlynSellsMI Jun 25
Which bedroom would you want in your house? Both of the wallpaper patterns are quirky, but could work really well in the right home.

nobodysdate 5 hours ago
I had that wallpaper in my old house. Guess who else had it? Pat Butcher 😂😂😂

1001cranes 6 hours ago
time to wallpaper the whole house

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