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80s_Kidz 23 Jan 2017 sent via reviews
Remember wrapping your school books in wrapping paper/wallpaper?

9GAGTweets 1 May 2017 sent via reviews
9GAG 80s Style Wallpaper

80s_Kidz 4 Dec 2017 sent via reviews
If you didnt have the grey wallpaper with red white & black stripes then chances are you had the dreaded woodchip..

Leon39615496 Jun 23 sent via reviews

80s_Kidz 4 Sep 2017 sent via reviews
Its back to school time!! Retweet if you remember covering your school books in your mum and dads old wallpaper.

fuckred2018 Jun 22
This restaurant really put the wine bottle from skyrim on their wallpaper

TheFyfie Feb 16
Back to the 80s Covering jotters with wallpaper/wrapping paper.. Why though 🙄

L30Graphics Jan 8
Neon Sunset - Blue & Crimson 1920x1080 Wallpaper

Haen 16 Jan 2017

ellen_briggs 7 Jul 2017
I'm finding lots of cool photos at my mum's tonight. Here's my sister & I in front of the 70s wallpaper & curtains loving the 80s to death.

Cherry_L0L0 Apr 3

BlueKewne 13 Apr 2017
new wallpaper time nostalgia for anyone who remembers arcades in the 80s & 90s

SharonBell_NZ 8 Jul 2018
Genuine mid-80s with matching wallpaper.

revrev Jun 8
I obviously have too much time on my hands, so I cooked up this 80s retro-themed wallpaper

Spig72 May 7
Who had this wallpaper then?

emmaslime420 6 Mar 2017
I look like 80s wallpaper and I'm loving it tbh

8bit_era 20 Jan 2018

80s_Kidz 19 Sep 2017
Who remembers getting their Star Wars/A-Team/Care Bears etc wallpaper from Fads?

80s_Kidz 3 Aug 2018
Alot of us had it as kids and now its the bain of our adultlives, the dreaded woodchip wallpaper.

lefty_juggler Jun 24
Family reunion highlights: hearing from the 3 siblings in their 80s about the 7 (!) times as kids that they started fires. Kitchen wallpaper burned off with sulfur from chem set here, 5 acre forest fire next to house there, prom dress nearly torched, etc.

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