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elonmusk 1 hour ago sent via reviews

theestallion 2 hours ago sent via reviews

brfootball 1 minute ago sent via reviews

ChrisEvans 2 hours ago sent via reviews

Variety 11 minutes ago sent via reviews
Danielle Brooks talks playing more than a stereotype on 🎧 Listen:

PlayStation 56 seconds ago
New PlayStation games out next week: Featuring not one, but *two* new Wolfenstein games

goal 44 seconds ago
Algeria win their second trophy πŸ‡©πŸ‡ΏπŸ†

lifesnothatdeep 1 minute ago
Can Mike and his shit opinion FUCK OFF

WalkingDead_AMC 1 minute ago
"Right on let’s storm Area 51" -

Reussi__ 35 seconds ago

alyasarmy 1 minute ago

_SHOURITSU 52 seconds ago
how to cure your depression: kaworu nagisa

caitrandles 1 minute ago
the only correct way to vote

nofandomlane 48 seconds ago
β€œI don’t think you and Greg will work” Michael can I offer you a cup of SHUT YOUR IRRELEVANT MOUTH

_elliecoh_ 1 minute ago
When you think that Maura is sat next to Curtis but it’s actually ChrisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love him!!!

Charlie_w15 38 seconds ago

rubynaldrett 55 seconds ago

katieshox 57 seconds ago
*Screams in Irish*

kehiil 1 minute ago
Michael all of a sudden you like her fiery personality again after you cussed her for that exact personality trait a couple days back?? Get this man out Im disgusted.

BetaEtaDelota 1 minute ago
You ever wonder what and I look like with inverted colors? Well... this is it! XD Art by: I’m kinda thinking of eventually getting a fursuit of the inverted color boy! Might name him Iota?

grace52164171 1 minute ago

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